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Jon Dewar

Founder / Owner, Sales Professional

The Courses

Class hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm.
Upcoming class dates are the week of (special 3 day only class June 12th-14th), (5 day only June 24, 2024), July 15, 2024, August 12, 2024, September 23, 2024, and October 21, 2024.
To register, simply tap the register button above and make a selection. It's that simple! 

Note: Curriculums are based on the student's needs. We break them down as Core (beginners), Pro (advanced), and Grad (advanced). Give us a call 904-297-TINT for details, so we can put you in the appropriate class. 

Three-Day Boot Camp Course

This class is ideal for "flat glass - commercial / residential" window film training. It can take a person with zero experience and make them a window tinter or even an established tinter and make them more efficient, organized and profitable. You will learn how to cut, apply and shrink window film on every style window along with years of time saving tricks.
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Five-Day Moneymaker Course

This class is ideal for "automotive" window tint training. Our dedicated training facility which offers a wide variety of obstacles and hands-on approach prepare you for the real world. As the week progresses and you get better, we teach you tint faster and more efficiently. Highlights also include up-selling techniques, managing your time and work flow, incorporating a plotter, and more!
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